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The Science of a Corporate Olympian

Be inspired.

Sheena is a globally renowned Olympic and Performance Coach, who takes her Olympic winning strategies and helps you to apply them to your business, your team and your life.

Having both organised and delivered a great many events, she understands that the success of an event can depend on the quality of the speakers.  

Sheena’s keynotes have inspired thousands on performance management, performance coaching, public speaking, leadership and personal success.

Her most requested keynotes are on hitting the metrics of Olympian Winning Habits and Winning Beyond the Arena.

Her unique experience with coaching Olympic athletes, combined with her management and business background, will inspire you and your teams to want to achieve more.

“Her unique experience with coaching Olympic Athletes, combined with her management and business background, will inspire you – or your employees – to want to achieve more.”


most requested keynotes

Design Thinking

How to have an ‘Individual Centred’ approach in your organisation

science of a corporate olympian

Breaking performance boundaries in your organisation and life

Winning Results beyond the arena

Successful people have successful habit…learn how to apply the 7  habits of extraordinary people.

Sheena speaks on topics around performance, leadership and personal success. Her focus is to help you achieve YOUR goal from your event, so she will customise her talk based on your events particular needs.

Here are her most requested topics. Please bear in mind that she can deliver these either as keynotes or as workshops in your organisation…whatever will have the biggest impact for you.

Get The Olympic Winning Edge

What if every day, you hit a personal best? A higher performance, standing out in your market, a leader in your field?

having The olympic winning edge is about Being your best, every day

be obsessed

Champions are obsessed with productivity and result. Getting the results that take it to the top of your game are among the top goals of any business professional. How are these results created? What is it about elite performers that differ from the average person?


The secret lies with staff performance and delivering personal bests. Every game has its hero but behind each great celebration is hours of planning, extensive training and absolute determination to be at the optimal performance level to become a corporate Olympian.

having the winning strategies when you need them

winning in the boardroom

An athlete approaching the starting line of an important competition invokes a heightened awareness of fears, insecurities and a substantial adrenaline boost – it’s game time. That same sensation is no stranger to a board room filled with senior executives at the beginning of the presentation.

Achieving peak performance in your presentation skills will mean the difference between winning and losing, between getting new clients, successfully chairing important meetings and even giving difficult feedback to a team member. All of those scenarios require “match winning” performance skills.

Throughout this powerful session, she will highlight four common challenges that might hold you back. Identifying these challenges properly, and countering with winning strategies, will help you as a great speaker and top level presenter – it’s no mistake that such characteristics have become the hallmark of quality leadership. By using Sheena’s signature model, you will achieve positive results.

Becoming A Spotlight Speaker.

Achieving peak performance in your presentation skills, can mean the difference between winning and losing.