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Become the influential public speaker you always wanted to be.

Discover how to build Public Speaking skills and break your performance boundaries.

Learn the latest presentation skills and unique speech coaching techniques to accelerate your success.

And learn how to articulate, engage and connect in business and meetings to assist your decision making.

Sheena is an exceptional person. Her skills in Public Speaking know no bounds and Sheena inspires, motivates and gets folk to push their boundaries. Her intellect is outstanding, and I loved the time I spent working with her!

- Bruce T

What To Expect


Pitch Perfect Positioning

Discover how to position yourself as an authority in having your own unique framework for people to follow. This step-by-step (think one minute manager!) is your Identity and Brand.

From CEO’s to Managers and Trainer, sharpen your skills to influence, engage and connect with staff and¬†clients.



Engaging Your Audience

The art of using magnetic storytelling to command attention and keep your audience super-engaged.

How to be unique and position yourself, own the stage and move around like a professional. Learn techniques on vocal delivery, and body and nerve management.



Deliver a Dynamic Speech

Learn how to tell life-changing, career-building and sales inducing stories.

This skill will give you a competative edge to illustrate a message to inspire, motivate, teach and train.



Glitches To Riches

Win and qualify prospects faster and more effectively by using 4 core attributes to enhance the level of your public speaking.

Create world class speeches using relevant training to prepare you for your next big event.


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