Are You a Clip Board Dummy ?

It started as an ordinary days training for the swimming squad however, our grizzled silver haired coach

Mr. Blair had a great big smile (WOW!)

Was he pleased about something…? I wondered what as I stood talking and laughing – something that always got me in trouble at school and from my mum and dad (those of you that know me will not be surprised)

Our smiling coach suddenly snapped me out of my chatter by waving a clipboard

“What’s this girl” ? I replied “a clip board”

He repeated the question again as he peered over his glasses. I thought to myself – he is being a bit of a dummy now! He towered over me flicking the clipboard, read it girl ! I looked at the template and in clear columns.

Mindset Peak performance Personal best/Result

What’s on your clipboard for 2019? What’s your strategy for 2019?

If you want to stand out and be a “Corporate Athlete” in business, you need a game plan to allow you to control and plan your direction. Just like the swimming squad achieving a personal best on a daily basis, the same rationale and theory applies to your work and business – and ultimately leads to success.

Is your clipboard ready for action? Who will you share it with?

Greatness begins behind the scenes.

Sheena Olympian Business Coach