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Do You Want an Edge…An Olympic Winning Edge?

Do You Want To Multiply Your Performace x25?

You’re about to build the life you always dreamed of!

If you want to bring some champion habits to your employees, Sheena is definitely the person to invite for your next event. Her unique experience with coaching Olympic Athletes, combined with her management and business background, will inspire AND educate you, or your employees, to want to achieve more…and the beauty of it is, that Sheena also provide you the ‘how-to’ tools, to help one become more productive and achieve more..!


Welcome to Your Personal Mastery Academy.

You’re about to build the life you always dream of.

The Mastery Academy has been created with care, attention and love…with your growth at it’s heart.

During our intensive masterclass sessions, you’ll discover Sheena’s most advanced strategies on performing at a truly world-class level and how to apply them to your personal and business life.

Imaging getting serious balance back in your life, by retraining your mindset for deep motivation, with systems that work!

Learn how to use simple, consistent everyday actions to improve your performance.

Ready to go deep to calibrate your professional and personal performance?

Do the right things…and do them better, every time!

The DNA of Champions

Our Unique Model

Addresses Seven Key Areas of Performance Improvement



The Podium Performance Booster



Rock Star Speakers Model



The Clarity Coaching Midset



Laser Leadership Logistics



Leading Edge Training In A Bag



Just Do It Activator



Master Mentor Machine

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