Great Leaders Understand their People and Great performance

Awaken the Champion Within

In a summer of sporting fixtures, UK business leaders would do well to take a closer look at those on the winners’ podium these last few weeks and months. They could learn from the top achievers and transfer the techniques used by our top sport stars to their own staff to create a winning team.

This is my view as, a former competitive swimmer, Coach and Scottish Team Manager for the Special Olympics , now an Executive Trainer and International public speaker on Human Performance.

What would you do to avoid admitting you run or manage a failing or under-performing business? We hear every excuse:

Poor staff performance
My product is not right
Problem with business partner
Market difficult to break into
Sound familiar?

The reason you fail is none of the above it’s about YOU the business owner, director manager, HR professional. Success or failure starts here.

There are some very simple strategies that can help businesses get the best from their workforce. This can be achieved by taking some pointers from professional sports men and women.

Keep the Competitive Edge with Daily Habits

Using methodology from sport, integrating into the world of business, innovative and creative ways to mentor and develop entrepreneurs and leaders.

As I watched the Olympics, Euro16 and Wimbledon, I reflected on the key elements that are imperative in world-class sport. Who here has reach the podium? I wonder what the thoughts of the England Manager at Euro16 were. Where did he go wrong?

Let’s consider for a moment Andy Murray’s win at the Olympics and Wimbledon. Adam Peaty and Michael Phelps in swimming. What was key in their winning performances that made them all champions?

Elite performers achieve key results fast and a winning advantage through a performance plan; this defines specific performance objectives, develops and delivers superior performance improvement, making them the expert in their field.

What are the key elements? It is of course having a Game Plan. Every athlete has different goals and face different challenges but during their preparation they will focus on a formula that makes them a champion.